By: 19 December 2018
22-25 October 2019, DKOU; Berlin

Welcome note:

Knowledge needs values

Dear Sirs and Madames,

We cordially invite you to the German Congress of Orthopedics and Traumatology DKOU, from 22-25 October 2019 to Berlin.

Our patients need competence, humanity and responsible handling of medical progress. These are the basic values ​​of our medical practice. Despite medical care at an internationally recognized high level, we are in daily conflict with increasing economic pressure, political mismanagement and a lack of staff. The congress motto should a leitmotif for a knowledge- and value-based action in O & U be.

In recent years, the DKOU has become the largest European congress in our field. It is our concern to offer the generalists as well as the specialists, the further education assistants as well as the experienced experts from all parts of our field an attractive offer for “knowledge multiplication” and orientation and at the same time to offer sufficient space for the value discussion.

The main topics for the DKOU 2019 will be diagnostics and imaging techniques, arthrosis, diseases and injuries of the spine, pain, arthroplasty, joint injuries, complications and comorbidities, old age traumatology and orthopedics as well as trauma management – in our opinion a wide range of supply-relevant, burning topics from our field of expertise.

Through international symposia and through international meetings with our host countries  Canada and Italy , we will jointly look beyond our own borders.

Beyond this congress, it is a common concern for us to network the specializations and care sectors of orthopedics and trauma surgery even more closely. Is patient-oriented, cross-sector integrated care feasible in the current structures or where do we have to rethink ?

We look forward to encounters and lively discussions with you and attach great importance to the collegial exchange not least in the attractive supporting program of the congress.

Our thanks are already directed to the professional societies, professional associations, sections, working groups and academies without whose dedicated support a congress on this level is not possible.

We look forward to seeing you at the DKOU 2019 in Berlin!

22-25 October 2019
Venue: Berlin, Germany