By: 21 January 2019
Trauma Viva For The FRCS


Publisher:Taylor & Francis Inc – CRC Press

Date of publication: 30/08/2017

Authors: Raymond Anakwe, Scott Middleton

This new book is targeted at higher trainees in orthopaedic surgery, who are preparing for the second part of the FRCS (Tr & Orth) exam.

The exam involves a set of vivas during which a range of topics is discussed, the aim being to demonstrate trauma safety and competence rather than trauma expertise. Examiners may use props such as models, clinical pictures, clinical studies, and x-rays to introduce topics and initiate discussion. This book uses a similar model to allow the candidate to practise key topics for discussion with common presentations and histories, and high quality x-rays. The book lends itself to individual and small group learning as trainees prepare for their examinations.        

The book summarises the evidence into a coherent and sensible examination answer and enables the candidate to modify and adapt material in which to offer as answers

Trauma in FRCS exam can be daunting but this book gives a good insight and helps to prepare common topics well. I like the format, it is easy to read and makes sense. Colour photos would be a bonus.