By: 24 May 2019
Helping surgeons treat their patients better since 1981


Arthrex announces the launch of a new device in its innovative Meniscal Repair portfolio

In 1981, a knee surgeon in Munich, performing what was then a pioneering knee arthroscopy procedure, turned to Arthrex founder Reinhold Schmeiding and exclaimed: “If I had some kind of arthroscopic device I could remove this torn meniscus”. Reinhold Schmeiding then developed his very first Arthroscopic Excision instrument to help that surgeon treat his patient better. Arthroscopic Excision Instruments became abbreviated to Arthrex and the largest arthroscopic sports medicine company in the world was born into an arthroscopic surgery market that did not yet exist. Since 1981, Arthrex has maintained its passion for least invasive orthopaedics and joint preservation, with meniscal repair options always a core technology and focus. 

Arthrex are now delighted to announce the launch of its innovative Meniscal Cinch II all inside meniscal repair device. This device is designed to be as atraumatic to the meniscal tissue as possible through our active deployment technology. The reliability that comes with a slightly stiffer yet malleable needle delivery system allows for flexibility, with reach to make what can be a technically challenging procedure as easy as possible. Arthrex are now also seeing a resurgence of inside out repair devices – the inside out Meniscus Protector System is designed to allow complete flexibility for inside out repairs and by utilising novel Arthrex SutureTape the risk of tissue failure is vastly reduced. 

Arthrex can now offer a complete meniscal repair solution portfolio:

  • Meniscal Cinch II for All Inside Repair
  • Meniscus Protector System for Inside Out Repair
  • Meniscal Root Flexible Marking hook
  • Meniscal Ramp Lasso
  • The Meniscal Scorpion, specifically designed for suture passage within tight compartments

The Arthrex Meniscal Repair Portfolio provides comprehensive and diverse meniscal preserving solutions to match the mission statement when founded in 1981 to Help Surgeons Treat Their Patients BetterTM

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