By: 18 September 2019
Book review – Consultant Interview Online Course

Publisher: Oxford Medical


Authors: Raymond Anakwe, Scott Middleton

This is a comprehensive online CPD accredited course with text, video and interactive exercises for a consultant interview.

Included are 18 interview observation video clips recreating the actual words spoken by real doctors who were taking part in the consultant interview courses. Watching these clips, you will see and hear what the interviewers see and hear.

It also contains 50 video-based mock interview questions. For these exercises, you watch and listen to the tutor ask their question and practise speaking your answer. So you practise by replicating the interview process.

I found the interactive style of the interface to be user friendly and broken down into bite-size modules that can be completed in a short time. Of particular interest was the suggested frame of competencies and how to incorporate these into the answer.

This course is ideal if you want to prepare for your interview on your own.  You can choose to complete this in one intensive session, or spread it across when you have time.