By: 26 October 2020
Same day discharge for NHS Golden Jubilee’s hip replacement patients

Orthopaedic specialists at NHS Golden Jubilee have launched a new hip replacement service which sees patients leaving hospital just 11 hours after admission.

The Golden Jubilee National Hospital, which routinely discharges hip replacement patients from hospital the day after surgery, has now carried out four as day cases.

But a combination of local anaesthetic, patient education and ‘prehabilitation’ with physiotherapy and occupational therapy on the day of surgery means suitable patients can safely go home a few hours after surgery – no matter where they live.

William Pomphrey from Auchterarder was the first patient to have the procedure. The 59-year-old painter and decorator arrived at hospital at 7am, was in theatre by 8.30am and out of surgery by 10am. He started his post-surgery mobilisation a few hours later and was ready to leave hospital by 6pm.

When staff called him the following day to check on him, he was doing his rehabilitation exercise by walking laps around his garden.

William was identified as an ideal candidate for the day case procedure as he had a clear understanding of the planned procedure, understood the post-operative care plan and had a responsible adult to escort him home and provide support for the first 24 hours.

William, who needed the hip replacement because of arthritis, said: “When I was given the option I asked to be referred to the Golden Jubilee as I’d had my right hip replacement there and felt the surgery was absolutely faultless.

“When the surgeon told me he’d like to trial the surgery as a day case It was a bit of a surprise, but I thought it sounded like a great idea.

“Going through all that in one day is incredible. It flowed so easily and the team work was visible from the start.

“The whole process was flawless from beginning to end. Coming in at 7am and being ready to go home by 6pm was fantastic. I even got a round of applause from the nurses as I left, which was a lovely gesture.

“I would recommend this to anyone, you’re better off coming home on the day. I still had the effects of the painkiller in me so it made the long journey home very comfortable compared to the first time.

“This will change my life. I’m a painter and decorator to trade and getting up and down ladders was really painful. The only thing stopping me now is the weather.”

Enhanced recovery procedures rely on all members of the multidisciplinary team working together to provide the best possible outcomes for patients. Working in this way speeds up recovery time as patients are back on their feet just hours after the operation.

Patients are able to do so as they only receive a local anaesthetic to numb the tendon and ligaments around the hip joint, allowing the muscles to continue working, meaning the patient can walk much more quickly after surgery.

NHS Golden Jubilee Medical Director Mark MacGregor said: “There has been a strong team approach to this surgery and everyone involved has had patient safety and quality of care at the front of our minds.

“Seeing both Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists on the same day as surgery helps patients become independent earlier than normal and allows them to be safely discharged home from hospital sooner.

“The main aim of enhanced recovery procedures like this is to help the patient recover quicker and experience less pain as well as improving waiting times as a result of shorter hospital stays.”



Image: Patricia Collatin, from Yoker, is another patient benefiting from same day discharge following hip replacement surgery at NHS Golden Jubilee.