By: 7 April 2021
LimaCorporate to open the first provider-based design and 3D printing facility for custom complex joint replacement solutions

 LimaCorporate and Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) recently announced the opening of the first provider-based  design and 3D printing facility for custom complex joint replacement solutions.

Known as the ProMade PoC (Point of Care) Center, the new, FDA-regulated commercial facility is located at the HSS main campus in New York City, and will create faster and more accessible care for US patients requiring personalised solutions for their orthopaedic conditions and impact the advancement of these complex orthopaedic solutions worldwide.

“This groundbreaking partnership continues our campaign to advance the musculoskeletal field for patients in and beyond HSS,” said Louis A. Shapiro, CEO and President of HSS. “Nearly half a century ago, HSS experts developed the modern total knee replacement, transforming the lives of millions of patients. Today, alongside LimaCorporate, we hope to further accelerate critical musculoskeletal solutions by expanding our ecosystem and providing surgeons with best-in-class technology for their procedures.”

Patient-specific custom solutions, like those that will be designed and produced at the ProMade PoC Center, are used for more complex procedures, and are digitally designed pre-operatively to ensure a match to the patient’s anatomy. Using LimaCorporate’s internationally recognised, patented, Trabecular Titanium technology, patients will benefit from its proven biologic response in bone and its ability to be 3D printed in any shape. HSS patients will be scanned onsite, and their custom implant will be designed and fabricated in the onsite centre. This design and manufacturing service will also be accessible to patients from other US hospitals.

The increased daily interactions between LimaCorporate’s ProMade engineers and HSS surgeons and engineers will enable both to draw on their collective intelligence and leverage their combined strengths to advance solutions to solve some of the world’s most complex orthopaedic cases.

“The Promade PoC Center opening marks the next stage of realising our ultimate goal: to restore the emotion of motion, by empowering surgeons to improve patient outcomes from joint replacement surgery,” said LimaCorporate CEO Luigi Ferrari. “We are no stranger to challenging the status quo and, through this world-leading partnership, will continue to innovate our industry-leading solutions to answer real patient needs. We look forward to sharing our expertise with HSS and furthering our commitment to advancing patient-centric care.”

“While the majority of joint replacement patients have a similar treatment pattern, these custom 3D printed solutions will provide relief to complex patients, who have often been living with joint problems for decades, and expedite what was once an international production process,” said Leonard Achan, Chief Innovation Officer at HSS. “With this new level of access to LimaCorporate’s custom 3D printing, we also hope to foster and accelerate innovation in complex orthopaedic joint care, with the potential to result in new products and solutions for patients across the U.S.”

HSS was one of the first hospitals to recognise the benefits of having engineering and manufacturing at the hospital. Its world-renowned engineering team was formed in 1976.  The benefit of day-to-day collaboration between surgeons and engineers has been proven by HSS with a track record of advancing both implants and techniques for orthopaedics.

With over 14 years of clinical experience, LimaCorporate has been at the forefront of 3D printing. Having recognised the field’s huge potential for orthopaedic implants as 3D printing of Titanium was gathering momentum, its early vision and continued investment has helped restore movement for hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide. This new, state-of-the-art facility further expands the company’s global reach.