By: 25 May 2022
Supporting post-surgery joint rehab programmes with Cartonica liquid joint supplement

Product feature

When recovering from joint surgery, the liquid joint supplement Cartonica from Clinic Nutrition provides a full spectrum of nutrients to support healing when patients embark on programmes of rehabilitation.

A high quality rehabilitation programme is essential to ensure optimum recovery for patients post-surgery. Supplying nutritional support, Cartonica is used widely in clinics to support the rehabilitation process following injury or joint surgery.

As a liquid, Cartonica contains a greater breadth and quantity of nutrients when compared to traditional dry-compressed tablet supplements. The nutrient blend is dissolved in liquid which improves bioavailability and makes the supplement easier to ingest.

A standard 15ml serving of Cartonica delivers 6,000mg of nutrients, including type 2 collagen. During the first months of a rehab programme, a 25ml serving of Cartonica delivers a substantial 10,000mg blend of nutrients which also includes Vitamin C and D, as well as Glucosamine Sulphate, Chondroitin and MSM.

Cartonica is used and sold in clinics. It has a natural berry flavour and can be consumed neat or diluted with water. Cartonica comes with a measuring cup in a 500ml bottle, equivalent to a 33 day supply based on a 15ml standard serving.

Cartonica RRP £29.95

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