20 May 2011

Musculoskeletal Trauma Simplified: A Casebook to Aid Diagnosis and Management

Musculoskeletal Trauma Simplified is another addition of the vast armamentarium that exists and aims to educate junior doctors in ordering...

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19 May 2011

Orthopaedic Knowledge Update (OKU) Vol.9

This volume is colour coded for various sections and thus makes it easy to browse through to the area of...

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24 April 2011

Principles of Surgery

This book has been conveniently and scientifically divided into three easy to read sections, namely the preoperative care, the operating...

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24 March 2011

Orthopaedic Basic Science – Foundations of Clinical Practice

This book is divided into three sections so that the reader begins with fundamentals of Orthopaedic Science incorporating cell and...

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24 February 2011

Instructional Course Lectures: Volume 56

As indicated in the preface, the Instructional Course Lecture Series (ICLS) were first presented in the American Association of Orthopaedic...

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24 January 2011

Pathophysiology of Orthopaedic Disease

This book is a tribute to Dr. Mankin’s past chief and mentor Dr. Henry L. Jaffe. As Dr. Herndon notes...

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24 December 2010

Low Back Pain, Some Real Answers

The publication unfortunately suffers from being too technical and thus uninteresting to say the least. The absence of a preface...

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24 November 2010

A Manual for Blood Conservation

This is a wonderful manual on blood conservation. Period. If ever clinicians and all those wonderful professionals involved in healing...

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