By: 3 February 2014

Blue Belt Technologies announces the first Navio™ unicondylar knee replacement (UKR) procedures performed in France, completed on September 30th, October 15th and November 4th 2013 by Professor Philippe Neyret and Dr Sébastien Lustig at Hospices Civils de Lyon in France. The Navio™ surgical system represents the next generation of precision orthopaedic surgery, with an initial indication for use in UKR procedures and a wide array of future applications in development.

Professor Neyret utilised the Navio system to assist in surgical planning and precision bone preparation for the patient who presented with lateral compartment osteoarthritis. The Navio system provides image-free navigation and planning that creates a precisely aligned surgical plan for implantable components. A robotic-controlled Navio handpiece is then used by the surgeon to resurface the damaged bone and prepare it for implantation.

“We achieved exactly what we planned,” said the operating surgeon, Professor Neyret. “The Navio system allowed us to localise the implant, balance the patient’s ligaments and robotically prepare the bone surface.”

Commenting on the procedure, John Tierney, Vice President and European General Manager of Blue Belt Technologies, said: “Navio continues to exceed clinical expectations in its initial applications across the global orthopaedic community. We are excited to engage with Professor Neyret and Dr Lustig to showcase the Navio technology.”

Junior editor at Fintech Intel