By: 3 February 2014

Medical technology company Carl Zeiss Meditec AG met its targets in financial year 2012-13 with revenue growth of 5.2% to €906.4 million and an increase in its earning before interest and tax  (EBIT) margin of 0.5% to 14.8%. The company continued to grow in all its strategic business units and regions. EBIT climbed to €133.9 million (previous year: €122.9 million); boosted further by a good financial result, earnings per share rose to €1.15 (previous year: €0.88).

After particularly positive results in the fourth quarter, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG closed financial year 2012-13 with revenue at the upper end of the previously stated revenue corridor of €880-910 million. The development of earnings was also positive, with an earning before interest and tax margin of 14.8%. The company has set itself the target of a sustainable EBIT margin of 15% by 2015. All three strategic business units and the three regions made a positive contribution to the revenue of €906.4 million – albeit to different extents. The Supervisory Board proposes to the Annual General Meeting a dividend of 45 cents per share.

Dr Ludwin Monz, President and CEO of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG, gave his take on the positive figures: “Our result is encouraging, especially in light of the unfavourable development of exchange rates. The strategic orientation of our company is also on the right track. The distribution of revenue and growth across our three business regions is very well balanced, and we have already achieved our target of increasing the proportion of revenue raised by case-number-dependent products and services (recurring revenues) to 25% ahead of schedule this financial year.” An increase to 30% is now realistic in the medium term.

“Our position enables us, even in times of volatile markets and growing competition, and falling growth rates in certain sections of our business, to turn our innovative leadership into good results.

“Crucial to this is not only further strengthening our capacity for innovation, but also expanding our solutions business. Around one in every six employees of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG was working in Research and Development (R&D) in the reporting year; investments in R&D amounted to 10.7% of revenue.”

Junior editor at Fintech Intel