By: 3 February 2014

The Medicrea group, based in Paris, which specialise in the development of innovative surgical technologies for the treatment of spinal pathologies, recently announced its 2013 annual sales.

Sales for the 4th quarter of 2013 were up 18% compared with that of 2012 thanks to the dynamism of the US subsidiary, which recorded its best quarterly revenue of $4.5 million. US sales grew 25% over the entire year of 2013, posting one of the highest growth rates in the industry. Annual sales were up 11% at 22.9 million euros despite a negative currency effect of 0.4 million euros.

“The development of our direct and indirect sales networks in the United States is enabling us to distribute our PASS(R)LP range of thoraco-lumbar fixation implants and its latest innovations, focusing mainly on complex spine surgery for adults and adolescents, across a broader spectrum of reputable surgeons. The continual strengthening of our presence on the US market will remain our top priority for the coming year”, says Denys Sournac, Chairman and CEO of Medicrea.

The spine market has gradually taken on the ongoing health system reforms, therefore conditions should continue to improve in 2014.

Junior editor at Fintech Intel