OPN meets Christopher Norbye

Executive Vice President of Global Operations at Orchid Orthopaedics, Orchid Orthopaedics

Q: What made you choose your career in orthopaedics?

A: The reason I chose a career within the orthopaedic industry is because it focuses on providing an opportunity for people to live a better life. At Orchid, we strive to affect people’s lives in a positive manner. I feel fortunate to be working in an industry that has the ability to impact lives in such a profound way and proud of the services we provide.

Q: Why were you interested in Orchid Orthopaedics?

A: Orchid is a great place to work because our focus is on manufacturing the best quality product in the most efficient way for our customers. In Europe, Orchid has about 300 employees – the majority of which are based in Sheffield, UK. We have several manufacturing facilities in this area focusing on the manufacturing of implants and instruments for the orthopaedics industry. In our Sheffield location, we offer forging, casting, machining and finishing of implants, as well as instruments and other products for the orthopaedics industry.

Q: What is the most efficient way of advertising your products?

A: he best way for Orchid to promote our capabilities is to service our customers well by delivering our products on time, with great quality and as competitive as possible. Orchid works very closely with our customers and if they are successful and grow, then so does Orchid. Orchid is solely focused on contract manufacturing for the leading medical companies within the orthopaedics segment. Orchid’s ability to provide turn-key solutions – from product design and development through manufacture, quality planning, sterile packaging and regulatory compliance solutions – allows us to add value and operational efficiencies at every step in the process with our customers.

Q: How do you go about developing new products?

A: Orchid’s focus is working closely with the medical device companies to provide the best and most efficient ways of manufacturing high quality products. Orchid continuously works with our customers on new product development and hope these products, when they reach the market, will further improve the lives of the people.

Q: How is Orchid looking to expand further in the future?

A: Orchid is expanding all the time. We are growing with our customers, adding new manufacturing and design capabilities, looking at new technologies and ways to further improve the way we manufacture our products. For example, we are currently building a new manufacturing facility in Asia to further support our customers locally in the Asian market. Orchid will export their quality system and manufacturing expertise that we have developed over decades to the Asian market to support our customers locally there. No matter where in the world Orchid manufactures products, our robust Quality System ensures compliance with federal and international regulations without sacrificing speed or efficiency. With an enviable environment to work and do business, it is an absolute key cornerstone in Orchid’s core values. For more information visit www.orchid-ortho.com

My name is Christopher Norbye and I am an Executive Vice President of Global Operations for Orchid. I am responsible for Orchid in Europe and in the Emerging Markets. Orchid is the leading medical contract manufacturing company in the orthopaedic segment, with more than 1,700 employees spread across the US, Europe and Asia.