By: 11 January 2015
State-of-the-art reconstructive surgery

State-of-the-art reconstructive surgery

This is the first ever comprehensive reference book that comes in two volumes to represent the state-of-the-art reconstructive surgery of the lower extremity by the world experts.

The aim of this text is to give some knowledge and training to perform essential, complex, lower-extremity salvage procedures and avoid unnecessary amputations.

The book come in at 1368 pages, consists of 77 chapters and is divided into four parts. The first part summarises the general principles, evaluation and management of each type of injury in the lower extremity, as well as the clinical outcome and psychosocial impact of the lower-extremity trauma. The second section primarily focuses on soft-tissue reconstruction, while the third covers bone and joint reconstruction and management of non-union; the final chapters focus on specialised considerations in lower-extremity reconstruction.

The illustrations are superb and the surgical techniques are explained in step-by-step manner. The two complementary DVDs included provide an additional educational value.

This book is intended to give the practitioner the clinical information necessary to handle almost any lower extremity problem safely and successfully.

Reconstructive Surgery of the Lower Extremity Editors: Lee L. Q. Pu, Jamie P. Levine & Fu-Chan Wei

Publisher: CRC Press and Quality Medical Publishing

Price: £365 (two-volume set, book + CD)

ISBN: 978-1-5762632-0-4