By: 25 April 2015
Posterolateral corner injuries of the knee

Posterolateral corner injuries of the knee

Early recognition of PLC injury and appropriate treatment is critical to avoid disability, say Yogesh Joshi and Asad Syed

Isolated posterolateral corner (PLC) injuries of the knee are rare and are commonly associated with either posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) injury, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury, or as a part of multi-ligamentous injury – such as in knee dislocation. The complex relationship between posterolateral rotatory instability and cartilage degeneration can cause severe disability to the patient if not treated appropriately.

During the evolution of humans the fibula descended from the femoral articulation to the tibial articulation and this has led to the complex anatomy of this part of the body [1]. The remnant of the femorofibular menisci is now evolved as a popliteus tendon which is further enhanced by its intra-articular route to its insertion. If a lateral fabella is present then the fabellofibular ligament is a constant finding [2]. The popliteus muscle is transformed into a…

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