By: 27 July 2018
Wright Medical surpasses 30,000 total ankle replacement procedures globally since 2008

Wright Medical Group recently announced the achievement of a clinical milestone, surpassing 30,000 total ankle replacement (TAR) procedures globally since 2008.  

Wright offers a complete continuum of care from primary through revision TAR procedures including:

–          INBONE™ Total Ankle System – the first TAR system to provide intramedullary instrumentation for accurate component positioning and the first ankle prosthesis with a choice of articulation geometries.

–          INFINITY™ Total Ankle System – combines a low-profile implant design and a distinctive talar resurfacing option for preservation of talar bone and a tibia design that is compatible with Wright’s INBONE II System, designed to mimic the smooth, fluid, up and down movement of a natural ankle.

–          INVISION™ Total Ankle Revision System – the first and only system developed specifically for total ankle revision arthroplasty, providing a unique solution for even the most difficult revision procedures.

–          PROPHECY™ Preoperative Navigation – the first preoperative planning system with patient-specific instrumentation for ankle revision arthroplasty. Used in more than 70% of TAR procedures, the PROPHECY System has been clinically proven to help surgeons accurately align ankle replacements and increase surgical efficiency by reducing OR time and potentially cost.

“Our continued innovation and focus in the total ankle segment has enabled us to surpass yet another impressive milestone,” said Patrick Fisher, President, Lower Extremities & Biologics of Wright. “Total ankle represents one of the fastest growing product segments in orthopaedics and we are excited to be in a position to continue leading that charge.”

For many years, the gold-standard surgery for treating bone-on-bone ankle pain had been ankle fusion or arthrodesis. Now, with advancements in the ankle replacement industry and a change in Medicare reimbursement that separates and distinguishes TAR procedures from total hip and total knee arthroplasty, many patients are opting to have TAR to help them maintain functionality in their ankle that could be lost during fusion. In 2017 alone, approximately 8,000 patients received a TAR for treatment of this debilitating disease.

“Ten years ago, Wright Medical paired large-scale industry investment with a team of highly experienced TAR surgeons,” said Murray Penner, Clinical Professor, Department of Orthopaedics at University of British Columbia. “By creating a clear vision of how to make TAR a truly viable option for ankle arthritis, Wright has developed three new TAR designs that address the entire spectrum of ankle arthritis complexity, while also introducing 3D patient specific instrumentation.  Wright’s commitment to TAR has led to a significant increase in worldwide usage of TAR and to levels of patient satisfaction not seen before in ankle arthritis treatment.”

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