By: 5 April 2019
Bare-Non Modesty Apron

Product feature

The Bare-Non Modesty Apron is a single use, hygienic, hypo-allergenic garment designed as an apron with a front split and extensible neckline. Placed over the patient’s head prior to examination or treatment it covers the front torso to mid-thigh level. It is lightweight, comfortable and moisture resistant, allowing quick unhindered access to the chest and abdomen should the need arise.

“Nudity Blindness” in clinical examination leaves patients feeling vulnerable, with inadequately protected modesty and dignity. Due to the embarrassment their state of undress causes, they struggle to fully participate in consultations and may miss the opportunity for shared decision making. The Bare-Non Modesty Apron protects patient’s modesty and dignity in a cost-effective, dignity restoring garment, allowing both clinician and patient to feel protected and secure during the consultation and contributing to redefining best practice. Proof of Use stickers are supplied with each apron for further security.

Bare Non

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