By: 23 August 2019
OrthAlign announces launch of HipAlign application for surgical navigation in total hip arthroplasty

For nearly a decade, OrthAlign has been a provider of smart-technologies powering total knee arthroplasty. The company has been laser-focused on designing devices and software that are simple to use, that deliver accurate and precise outcomes, and that can scale across users’ needs without requiring burdensome economic investment in capital equipment. Now, OrthAlign has announced the full commercial launch of the HipAlign application, creating a true technology platform spanning large joint surgeries for total knee, partial knee, and approach-agnostic total hip replacement.

The HipAlign application joins KneeAlign® and UniAlign™, all available on OrthAlign’s smart-tech navigation units. During surgery, the HipAlign application provides real time abduction and anteversion of the acetabular cup and measures
intra-operative changes in leg length. Both implant- and approach-agnostic, HipAlign is now available to all surgeons performing THA.

OrthAlign’s technologies require no up-front cost to use and the surgeon operates a mobile phone-sized hand-held navigation unit within the sterile field. The units leverage micro-electromechanical sensors such as gyroscopes and accelerometers to register patient anatomy intra-operatively, and then to live-navigate instrumentation. There is no need for pre-operative imaging or for large, image-guided systems inside of the OR.

Rafael Sierra, MD of Mayo Clinic, was an early user of the HipAlign application. He said: “I use HipAlign in all of my THA procedures,” he says. “It has taken away the guesswork in positioning the cup and femoral component position. The accurate cup placement the application complements my combined anteversion technique by allowing me to individualise implant position for any patient.”