By: 26 February 2015
Super cap spares tissue in hip replacement surgery

Super cap spares tissue in hip replacement surgery

The super capsular approach, also referred to as ‘super cap’ or SUPERPATH varies from the traditional posterior approach to hip replacement surgery in that no muscles or tendons are cut and the hip capsule is left intact, thereby reducing recovery time and risk for postoperative hip dislocations.

An orthopaedic surgeon and joint specialist is changing outcomes for patients with a pioneering new surgical technique for hip replacement that is less invasive and takes a tissue-sparing approach.

Daniel Le, at Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is a fellowship-trained surgeon who specialises in joint replacement. He was one of the first orthopaedic specialists in the US to successfully perform the SUPERPATH hip replacement technique.

“Today, advances in materials and science require a new mentality. As a surgeon you have to be creative and willing to embrace new ideas and concepts to make things better,” he said.

Source: Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital